Safety warnings


If you discover a fire or spillage: Notify the Club sailors or Marina service office immediately.

·1    If using a mobile phone, dial 971 640 001 or 676 337 357 outside office hours.
·2    If on your boat, use the VHF transmitter on channel 9.

In case of fire: check there is nobody inside the vessel.

If the fire is accessible, find and use the handheld EXTINGUISHERS as quickly as possible and try to contain or put out the fire; skilled emergency workers will come to your aid shortly.

Remain calm. Do not shout or run. If your clothing catches fire, drop to the ground and roll around.

If you are inside a building and there is a lot of smoke, crawl. Exit the building.

Do not be careless or take unnecessary risks. Do not act alone and wait for the Club sailors to assist you.

If the sailor is in danger, call the emergency services on 112.

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