Good Environmental Practices


Toxic waste that may be harmful to health and/or the environment require specific processing. The companies Servmar and Sertego are our processors for collecting hazardous waste such as solvents, paint filters and empty packaging.

The green point has containers marked with labels for leaving polluting material.

  • Sanding dust container: sanding dust
  • Absorbents and cloths container: gloves and cloths covered in solvents or paint
  • Oil filter container
  • Paint and varnish waste container
  • Contaminated plastic packaging bag (plastics covered in any substance are put in the bag until later disposal at the containers for said purpose)
  • Contaminated metal packaging bag
  • Used battery container
  • Used oil container
  • Bilge and wastewater collection pump (fuel station)

Painting regulations at the Club NŠutico Sa Rŗpita

The following painting work waste must be separated and delivered to Di-Nunzio:

  • Contaminated plastic and/or metal packaging
  • Contaminated cloths and absorbents
  • Solvents
  • Paint or varnish remains
  • Descaler
  • Aerosols
  • Paint cabin filters
  • Paint sludge
  • Sanding dust
  • Solvent sludge

To aid waste collection the following practical guidelines are provided

  • Work waste will be collected at least once a day; it is strictly forbidden to accumulate waste from one day to the next.
  • Leaving any type of waste in the workplace is forbidden.
  • Waste will be separated at origin, for which operators will be equipped with as many rubbish bags as necessary.
  • In no way will spray gun remains be emptied onto floors or walls.
  • No solvent package or any other easily flammable product such as paint, acetone, etc. will be left open. No paintbrushes will be left soaking outside.
  • All sanding must be done under protective covers, except draught work and small onboard repairs in which case extraction sanders will be used.
  • All painting will be done under protective covers except draught work and small onboard repairs.
  • After sanding or scraping any surface, the area will be immediately swept and the waste left in the specific containers for said purpose.
  • If sanding near a rainwater drain, this will be protected so as to avoid any dust going inside.
  • If cleaning an area prior to painting, all rainwater drains will be surrounded by impermeable barriers or filters to avoid polluting the water.
  • Waste from said cleaning must be collected as painting sludge.
  • Scaffold work will be protected from the shoreline so that no sanding dust or paint sludge lands in water.
  • Scaffolding will not be cleaned so that waste runs into the water.
  • Paintbrush drops will be avoided in moving from the storage areas to painting areas.
  • All floating work will be carried out as per the valid attached regulations for the CLUB NAUTICO SA RAPITA.
  • The basic safety guidelines specified by the manufacturer will be followed when using hazardous products.
  • The company machinery will be kept in perfect condition, thus avoiding any oil leaks or other possible environmental damage.
  • Where there is a leak or accidental spillage of any toxic product, the contracted company will immediately notify the SAILOR ON CALL OR THE ADMINISTRATION, TEL. 971 640 001.
  • If any spillage needs to be dealt with, there is absorbent material in the storage area.
  • Failure to follow these regulations will lead to sanctions.
  • Where subcontracted personnel for operations generate waste, these must provide a list of it and a plan to follow for later elimination or storage to the quality and environment manager.

If you have any doubt or require further information, please contact the quality and environment manager at the Club. Micaela Adrover, tel. 971 640 001


Dear collaborator, we kindly request that when carrying out maintenance or repair work at the CLUB NAUTICO SA RAPITA facilities you bear in mind the following work instructions, based on our environmental policy.

There are containers for selective paper/card, glass, battery, oil, filters and absorbent material separation at our facilities. The containers are clearly marked for separating this waste and we therefore kindly request you make correct use of them.

Hazardous waste that may be generated must also be separated from general waste. We have special containers for this kind of waste: fluorescent tubes and low-energy light bulbs, batteries, aerosols, empty chemical product packaging. We kindly request you contact MANAGEMENT to find out where the containers are located.

We remind you that if you are carrying out work, it is necessary to have 2 containers to separate debris and other waste.

The use of appropriate protection equipment is required for handling chemical products - gloves or protective goggles or mask - as long as the product guidelines advise it. In addition, if chemical product must be used, we kindly request you send us a copy of the safety factsheet in advance in order to prevent any possible accidents.


Finally, it is important we are all aware of the importance of saving our natural resources. For this, we kindly request you only use the necessary amount of water and energy to carry out your work, avoiding excessive use.

It is important to minimise noise; we kindly request you use the methods available for this whilst at our facilities.

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