T.150 MILLAS A DOS 2019

18-05-2019 / 19-05-2019

Regatta results

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Regatta registration


I accept to follow the ISAF Sailing Regatta Regulations, Class Regulations, Regatta Announcement and Regatta Instructions; I accept the penalties that may be imposed and other actions which may be taken within the scope of the rules, dependent on the appeals and reviews set out, as well as the definitive decisions in any of the issues relating to said rules; I accept to not submit any to a court or tribunal. I recognise that as set out in Fundamental Rule 4, Part 1, in the ISAF Sailing Regatta Regulations, I am solely responsible for deciding on whether to take part or if I continue in the regatta and accept to not submit any issue relating to said decisions and its consequence to any court or tribunal.

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